Windows NT4.0 and Windows 2000 Serial multi port driver for the Philips UART SC28L198 and 16C550 based single and multi port compatibles ( Ser8UART.sys ).



This device driver supports the Philips SC28L198 8-port UART chip on ISA based PC cards. The primary goal was to develop a robust non-PnP driver that may coexist with the existing Serial.sys driver on both NT4.0 and W2000. Hardware manufacturers that use the SC28L198 may profit from this design to implement their own variant. Since this driver does not support WMI, PnP, HID and Power Management, it can easily be configured through registry settings on both the NT4.0 and Win2000 operating systems. The driver enables also to use the handshaking lines for dedicated usage, simultaneously with the corresponding serial port in Xon/Xoff or non-hardware-shaking modes. These handshaking lines are accessible through separate device names.

Furthermore, this driver supports also 16C550 compliant UARTs, which allow it to be used for additional single and multi port IO-cards ( ISA ) for which the manufacturer does not provide a driver and which are not automatically detected on the Windows 2000 OS. Simultaneous usage of both SC28L198 and 16C550 modes is however not possible.


The package contains Visual Studio 6.0 projects for both NT4.0 and W2000, documentation, registry setting examples and rudimentary test executables.


The actual version is Ser8UART. 01.01.0002.0001.

Due to the current lack of appropriate hardware, the development of this driver has been suspended.


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Download Ser8UART.pdf for a detailed description.

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